Organizing Committee

Korea Shipsuppliers & Service Association

[History and Membership]

  • Founded in Jun 2014
  • Joined as the 44th regular member of ISSA in 2017
  • Enhance partnership with advanced shipping countries
  • Pride of the world’s 5th shipping country
  • 120 companies nationwide participate as membership companies

[Major Activities]

  • Innovation in distribution process through common logistics
  • Set up global distribution network
  • Provide high-quality service to customers
  • Co-development of membership companies

Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers and Services

[History and Memberships]

  • Founded in June 1981
  • National Ship Supply Association of ISSA
  • To raise profile of the industry and promote economic interests for the members
  • Access Industry and Trade Information
  • 115 companies participated as membership

[Mission and Vision]

  • Upskilling & professionalizing the ship supplies industry through adoption of technology, training and education.
  • To be the global leader in ship supply industry transformation.